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Paranormal Activity




We are often asked if we have any paranormal activity on our tours and we answer with a resounding, "Yes!"  Above you will see some examples that our customers have provided to us.  If you have a picture you would like to submit, please send it to


 Tour Guide Stories

From time to time, our Tour Guides will share stories of paranormal activities on their tours.  Please enjoy just a few of the submitted stories.

“Opening Night” by Sara Harvey


We held the first Ghost Tour of the season on June 3rd 2005.  I went along as a guest to get the feel of the tour.  We went into the Hermitage, and although nothing happened that night, I had an overwhelming experience there.  The air felt too heavy, too sweet, and far too charged with energy. I was lightheaded and “stupid,” I felt drunk.  I had to sit down. The feeling abated after a few very long minutes in the lobby and vanished altogether when we left the hotel.  But it was certainly a big HELLO from the spirits there.

At Skull’s Rainbow Room, the doorway there held its fair share of chills a trembling wave rushed through me as I stepped into the dank, dark alcove. 


On my first tour, no such dramatics happened at the Hermitage.  I began with the Nashville Ghost Tour on June 11th 2005.  It rained.  It rained cats and dogs by the time we got to Printer’s Alley.  We were soaked to our skin, but all having a great time.  I hardly noticed the strange sensations when I stepped into the recessed doorway of the Rainbow Room with two young guests. They were eager to experience it, but wanted some moral support…and the comforting light of my lantern. I joined them inside. We held our breaths, our hearts beating.  It was my first tour and I was a tad nervous. I was about to lead them out when we heard it. Footsteps and the loud creak of old floorboards just behind the door.

“Did you hear that?”

One girl shrugged. “Yeah there’s someone back there, so?”

 I lifted my lantern and showed her the large shiny padlock on OUR SIDE of the door.  Her eyes widened and both of the girls went pale.

The footsteps moved away, and we let our the breath we realized we’d been holding.

“I think it’s time to go,” I told them. They nodded emphatically and we backed out of the doorway slowly.


Wow, I thought to myself, I had an occurrence on my first night. Talk about a warm welcome to the Ghost Tour.