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“Juliet? Is that you?”

By: Sara Harvey

Wednesday, June 13th 2005 was the night I saw the girl on the Hermitage Hotel balcony.  She was standing there, one hand resting on the railing. She seemed to be looking down on us, or perhaps, waiting for her Romeo.  Initially, I didn’t think too much about it, just some dark-haired woman on the mezzanine level.  But I realized I had never actually seen anyone up there, so out of curiosity, I glanced up to look. In a fleeting instant, she had turned away from the railing and walked away. Then vanished entirely.

I realized as she turned away, that I could see a head of rich, dark hair, rolled back from her face. Very much like Scarlett O’Hara’s when she goes to the barbeque at Twelve Oaks.  Just below, there was a pale creamy shoulder that vanished into a portrait collar of ivory Chantilly lace and pale aqua silk.  I saw the barest hint of an outline of a wide hooped skirt before she was gone.

By the time I had even opened my mouth to speak she had disappeared. I pointed, everyone looked and took pictures, but our Belle of the Ball was gone.

But I am keeping my eyes peeled for her every night.  I can see why that Hermitage employee has such a crush on her; she was a spellbinding young lady.


“Normally, we charge extra for that!”

By: Sara Harvey

I believe it was the tour of June 22nd 2005 that Nashville Ghost Tours had its first physical encounter.  I had a pretty good sized group and they were starting to get a little tired as we made our way from Printer’s Alley down to the Ryman Auditorium.  One lady in particular, a sweet grandmotherly woman in a stunning red pants suit, was bringing up the rear.  We had just passed the parking garage at One Nashville Place on 4th Street when I heard a yelp then a short scream.  Immediately, I stopped to tour to see what was wrong. The woman’s daughter told me her mother had tripped but she was all right so we continued.

When the tour was over, they both came to me with grave faces. The lady told me that was we were coming on towards the parking garage, she felt someone grab her bottom.  It wasn’t a hard grab or a pinch, but like someone decided to “cop a feel” as they walked past.  That’s when she yelped.  She screamed when she turned around and found that she was the last person in the tour and the block was entirely empty.  We don’t have anything detailed about that block, only that it was part of the old Red Light District that ranged from Union St. to Broadway and from 4th St. to the Cumberland River. So, I suppose some salty gambler was getting his jollies or some salacious tart was feeling frisky.  Either way, the only thing injured was the good woman’s dignity.  I make sure to tell off the offending spirits about getting fresh with old ladies whenever I pass that spot.  So far, nothing else has happened there. But if it becomes a regular thing, we may have to start charging for it!


“Ask not for whom the bell tolls…”

By: Sara Harvey

Saturday July 9th was a pretty large tour. It had been several weeks since anything extraordinary had happened, so I should have known I was in for it.  We had left St. Mary’s of the Seven Sorrows and were headed into the plaza on the way towards Printer’s Alley.  One of the young girls on the tour suddenly stopped and said, “Hold on a second.”

Nothing happened.  Conversation resumed.  Then we heard one long toll of a very nearby church bell.

As if it were scripted, we began talking again, then all stopped at once when the realization hit us.




Official bell toll time was 9:10pm.

There were a few skeptics in the group who did indeed hear the bell but could not believe the source.  There are no other churches nearby and in the weeks I had been giving tours I had not heard any bells rung at night ever. And what church would give one single ring of one bell at ten minutes past nine o’clock at night?

The skeptic asked me what did it mean?

“It means that Nashville’s haunted, sir. And that you definitely got more than your money’s worth tonight!”

I wanted to tell him: “The bell tolls for thee” but I didn’t think he’d get it.



“No man is an island, entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less,
as well as if a promontory were,
as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were;
any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
it tolls for thee.”


-John Donne, Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, 1624.


"Supernatural A/C"

By: Sara Harvey

Not only was Thursday, July 22nd 2005 extraordinarily hot and humid, it was also a full moon.  Lucky me.

But nothing really strange happened other than that I took some pretty shameless advantage of a ghostly phenomenon.

You see, the doorway of Skull Shullman’s Rainbow Room usually exhibits some freaky behavior.  Aside from the general feelings of unease and spookiness there, it often feels like the A/C is blasting and the door is wide open. The door is, in fact, quite tightly shut and well pad-locked and there is no A/C running in the boarded-up building.  I mentioned this on a tour a few nights previous and one of the employees of the bar next door (the New Orleans Blues and Boogie Bar that uses the closed-down Rainbow Room for storage) chimed in to tell the tour just how awfully cold it is inside that place at all times, no matter what temperature it is outside.

So on Thurs. night in the sweltering 90 degree heat and 100% humidity, we all vied to stand in front of the Rainbow Room’s doorway to feel the waves of chilly air rolling out of it.  I told all the tales standing right there, and if we got off topic, the air flow stopped until I started talking about Skull again, then it came right back.

I mean talk about using a supernatural happening for purposes not intended, but I have made much appreciation to Skull. And honestly, he seemed to really enjoy the attention.



Tami's Travels

8pm - July 6th 2005


The energy readings were high and well in the red last night for a committed group of ghost hunters.  For most of the tour the air was heavy and warm, except when we turned down Printer’s Alley.  While standing in the alleyway telling a story I felt chills run up and down my spine and goose bumps appear on my arms – it created great interest when one of the girls on the tour shared a digital picture she took showing milky white dots hovering all around me.


Safe Travels,



July 25th 2005


     Some tours just feel rich with energy.  Before we started I met with a young family from Palm Springs whose daughter shared with me a few of her own ghost sightings.  I became increasingly intrigued with this young lady as the tour progressed and she could point out areas of interests before I even mentioned them.  While setting my lantern down outside the Rainbow Room she whispered to me, “I think there is a shadow behind the door”.  The entrance was definitely cool and many though not all could feel the cold air pushing into the alley.

     The Hermitage Hotel is a wonderful stop on our tour, not just because of the wealth of ghost sightings, but because on most nights we have a chance to visit the lobby.  Last night the air inside the hotel seemed heavy and I wasn’t the only one who felt it.  It was like that the night we captured the lady in white on film… it makes me a bit nervous because I get the feeling she doesn’t like me.  We left without incident but once outside the EMF readers starting flashing when raised towards the second story balcony – I’ll be interested to see if anyone captured a photo of what could be the ghost of Lady Belle.


Safe Travels,



July 27th 2005


Sometimes I’m not able to answer all the questions I hear on a tour – which gets me excited because then I get to do a little research on the town I love.


The Battle of Nashville Dec. 2-16, 1864

On the tour we talk about the Soldiers who died defending the Capitol during the Civil War.  I’ve included a link that will show the battle lines as well as a photo of Capital when it was converted to Fort Andrew Johnson by the U.S. Army.


Life and Causality Tower

The observation deck at the top of the building is now closed to the public.  A few years back a young woman took her own life by jumping from it.


One Nashville Place

Has also been known as the Dominion Tower and the First Union Tower.  It’s a postmodern style, featuring an octagonal plan, a mansard roof, and dark reflective glass cladding.  It has been nicknamed R2D2 from the Star Wars movie.  The building was completed in 1985 by architect agency Morris-Aubry.  As far as I can tell they’ve constructed 10 buildings between 1981-1985, none listed were the buildings asked about on the tour.


Safe Travels,



July 30th 2005


All in all Saturday was a pretty quiet night… except for Printer’s Alley!  A few people mentioned seeing orbs in the pictures they took of the door leading into what was the Rainbow Room, however the cool air phenomenon was almost nonexistent that night with just a few breaths passing under the door and hitting our ankles.


Someone had asked about the civil rights movement in Nashville.  I’ve included a link: that describes the movement, which started in Nashville in the fall of 1959.



Safe Travels,



Aug 5th 2005


Sometimes things happen on our tours… almost on que!  Last night we were standing on Legislative Plaza looking at the Capital building and I was telling the group about a girl I had on the tour a few weeks ago who said she saw something in the tower.  Over the years people have reported seeing a woman dressed in black walking on the stairs in the tower and some even believe this lady in black to be Rachel Jackson.


Someone in the group said they saw something and we all looked up and saw a faint shadow walk in front of the window.  We were all a little freaked out and someone even thought that we could have planted someone up there… of course we’ve done no such thing and even during a tour of the Capital you won’t be shown the tower.  That area is reserved for security and maintenance staff.  We continued to look and the next thing we saw scared even me.  A very solid shadow moved very fast crossed the window – the speed and the fact that the edges seemed to be wavy is what caught me off guard.  Now we did stay a little longer and saw what appeared to be two maintenance men walking up the stairwell.  I think it was at that time that we all finally let go of our breath… but then we started to talk about it.  Interesting that there were two men but only one shadow… the shadow moved extremely fast but the men were ascending as a much slower pace… the shadow appeared solid and not at all flat.


After discussing with everyone in the group I think most of us came to the conclusion that we do not believe what we saw move across the window was the shadow of the workers…  Was it a ghost of the women people have been seeing up there for years?  You’ll have to take the tour and decide for yourself.


The War Memorial Building

Was completed in 1925 as a memorial to Tennessee soldiers killed in World War I.  From 1939 to 1941 the Grand Ole Opry performed there.  From 1946-1989 it was home to the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.  In 1974 the Legislative Plaza was constructed under the building.


The Seven Sorrows of Mary

1st – The prophecy of Simeon, Luke 2: 25-35

2nd – The flight into Egypt, Matthew 2: 13-15

3rd – The Child Jesus lost in the Temple, Luke 2: 41-50

4th – Mary meets Jesus carrying the cross, Luke 23: 27-29

5th – Mary at the foot of the cross, John 19: 25-30

6th – Mary receives the body of the Jesus, Psalms 130

7th – Mary witnesses the burial of Jesus, Luke 23: 50-56


Safe Travels,